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Etnowerk is an Estonian brand of handcrafted cardigans full of emotion, bold beauty and ethnographic motifs. Two vivid designers, Liina and Annika, bring warmth to their clients’ hearts and enlighten their days.

Annika is our embroidery queen. She makes the finest embroideries to decorate knitwear. Inspiration comes from folk costumes and the outcome is modern clothing for a modern woman – woolen dresses with a silk lining are the most popular. Annika loves her family and sports – that’s where she gets her energy from. She is a big fan of different styles of gymnastics and rollerskating.

Liina is a master of colours and bold decorations. She mixes crocheted ethnographic laces with different textiles and uses these combinations on knitwear. The colourful result makes everyone happy – both the wearers and the admirers. She gets her creative power from music and art, singing in a band and painting in the nature.

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